Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

"No it's mine!"

Bigbooy finally had enough of his older brother's teasing.  Anger swelled up, as memories flooded back of the cruel tricks Dojalove used to play on him as young ogres in Ogguk.  Like the time his brother stole his favorite sword and hid it in the lizardman camp, and dared him to go retrieve it while invisible. Or how Dojalove would throw a rock at Bouncer Hurd and suddenly vanish, leaving Bigbooy alone and running for his life in the dark jungle. But the worst was all those times his brother would shrink him in front of his friends, and grab him by the collar like a baby kobold flailing wildly.  Nobody even called him by his birth name anymore, only by the nickname his brother mockingly coined, "Bigbooy".

Bigbooy trained hard - he didn't have any aptitude for magic, a fact his older shaman brother would often remind him of.  But he earned a reputation as a fearsome warrior, bashing in the skulls of over 50 lizardmen and proudly wearing their tongues as a necklace.  His crafted plate armor was considerably tougher than his brother's chainmail.  And he ate - a lot - weighing in at 780 stones, rightfully earning the nickname he'd been given.

Which is why he wouldn't give in this time, when his brother stole his food.  The two ogres collided violently in the East Commonlands tunnel, as nearby spectators gave them plenty of room to avoid getting squashed.  Bigbooy learned that with weapons in both hands, he could easily interrupt his brother's pesky spells.  He roared as he struck blow after blow on his Dojalove, until he was ready to deliver one final blow.

Just then a small voice piped up, "Wait! I actually just baked a fresh batch of pies - plenty for both of you."  The two ogres looked at each other and paused for a moment - and then suddenly burst into laughter at the sight of the halfling druid covered in flour, dough and berry juice.  With no hesitation, they put down their weapons, and started scarfing down the pile of fresh pies two at a time.  After licking the last pie tin, they began to eye the snack-sized halfling, who quickly and smartly retreated into a mystical portal...